We at Pico soft solutions take pride in our experience and expertise in engineering. We had the privilege of working with customers across different industries and delivering solutions to complex issues. We as engineers take pride in working and using the latest technologies to design and deliver our clients agile and scalable applications & products. We have designed products and applications using technologies such as MEAN (MongoDB, Angular, Node.js), .NET, MVC, AI, iOS & Android Native Apps, etc. Our team has gained experience and expertise in designing futuristic applications that serve your business needs.

Why Partner with Pico Soft Solutions?

We have created innovative, intuitive applications across different industries. From enterprise-based solutions to customer-centric applications, we have developed a wide range of applications that make a difference in an organization. We take our client’s opinion in every step of application development. Apart from leading the development process, we also offer our customers ongoing customer support. From idea inception to final product delivery, pico soft solutions are always with you. We have developed a reputation in the market for understanding and delivering our customer’s needs. Pico soft designs applications for the present and future. All our applications are designed to be scalable as growing businesses have more requirements. Our rich UI/UX designs will help you in improving the user experience.
We are committed to delivering high-quality products.

We are dedicated to serving our clients with the best services.

We have helped 100+ clients in transforming their ideas into solutions.

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Our work process

Our responsibility doesn’t end with delivering our clients the final product. We provide 24/7 support to our customers so that they never face an issue with the maintenance of the product or application. Our team of experienced professionals will stand with you in every step of making your dream application a reality. Your vision and our expertise combined will create applications and products that will match your business needs.